The Kind of Outbreaks We Need in Our Community

The holiday season has traditionally been the busiest shopping time when retail businesses make most of their money each year.

But this year, during this holiday season, with the pandemic, many businesses will just be trying to survive.

With San Diego County falling back into the tier that they feared, the Purple, starting Saturday, indoor dining at restaurants and indoor activities at gyms and movie theaters, and along with museums and places of worship, is not allowed.

Under the state’s public health guidelines in the fight against the COVID virus, that’s the way it will stay for at least the next three weeks or longer if the county can’t reverse the rise in positive cases.

The state’s tiered system is called the 'Blueprint for a Safer Economy' Right now, many businesses in San Diego and up and down the state are just hoping to still be a part of the economy at the end of this year.

But Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, reminded us at the news conference about going into the Purple tier this week, that we are all in this together, suggesting that as much as each person is able, to support local businesses. Help restaurants by using take out, shop stores on line and do pick up outside and help gyms by still paying the membership fee for now if you can afford it.

It’s maybe good to remember what public health officials call outbreaks of new cases of the virus. They call them “community” outbreaks. A reminder that community means coming together and that getting through this pandemic will take every one of us in our community to help each other.

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