How to Turn the Color Purple Brighter During Pandemic

San Diego County is about to turn purple, the color for the most restrictive of the state’s tier of COVID guidelines for what can be open and what cannot.

And a lot of restaurant and store owners, gym operators and others are red mad about having to go back to where they were three months ago. And most everybody is probably turning a little pekid in color facing the prospect of having to once again deal with not being able to go the places we want to go.

Many of us had hoped months ago that by this time, things would be better, at least a little better, with the pandemic not as bad. But the news this week about the numbers of daily cases of the coronavirus hitting record highs and the statewide number of cases going past the one-million mark tell the story we don’t want to hear.

Local state and federal public health experts call it fatigue. After some 8 months of this pandemic, we are all fatigued by what’s going on and how it affects us, our families and in some cases our jobs.

There are experts who point to increases in mental health issues, substance abuse and relationship problems. And the impact on the kids who have been out of their classrooms for many months.

So now that the purple tier is here, owners of businesses, leaders of places of worship and other places and every one of us has to decide what we are going to do about it. But the sooner we can all do what we can, the sooner we will see things turn a brighter color.

(Photo Getty Images)