Debates Over Health Orders Increase as Coronavirus Cases Rise

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing at the fastest rate since the pandemic began, and so are the debates about what to do.

While the huge majority of people who get the virus do not have serious problems, some do and the more cases there are, the more deaths there will be.

With more than one-thousand new cases reported in the county after record highs were reached last week and one million new cases nationwide in just week, it gets everyone’s attention.

But not everyone agrees on what to do about it. Despite public health orders, not everyone is following them.Not everyone wears masks though most probably do.

And while most are, not every restaurant and business that is supposed to be operating only outdoors is following the Purple tier rules. And while most of them are, there are places of worship that have decided to meet indoors, with some distance requirements, despite public health orders.

Many churches who are following the order are arguing that they should be allowed to meet indoors as the holidays approach and the colder weather. After all they argue, if strip clubs can do their business indoors, why can’t churches be allowed to worship indoors. And many say that’s a good question.

And there are disagreements even among families about what to do and how to do Thanksgiving and the Christmas season holidays this year.

While health officials make the decisions on public health orders, it’s going to come down to the individual decisions that each of us make to bring down the numbers and help to save lives.

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