How to Weigh the Risks During the Pandemic

If you were a business owner, what would you do? Or if you were the pastor of a church, what would you do?

And if you are a business owner or a church pastor what are you doing?Are you following all the COVID-19 public health orders? Or are you not?

County Supervisor Dianne Jacob put it well after she and the other supervisors heard from dozens of business owners and other residents who are pleading for an easing of the restrictions on what can be open and how.

As Jacob put it, “I don’t blame a business that is willing to take that risk of staying open”. She added that while she can’t responsibly suggest that path, “I can understand if a business is willing to take that risk.”

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors this week voted against a proposal to defy state orders as public health officials warned against taking any unnecessary risks.

What risks are we all willing to take during this pandemic, especially when cases and hospitalizations are rising?There are businesses, churches, and other places that are taking a risk, that could lead to cease and desist orders or even fines.

And as individuals, we each have to decide what risk we are willing to take by where we go and with how many people outside our household and whether we wear masks and keep our distance.

All those decisions taken together will determine what risks we take or don’t take and how much longer this fight against this virus will go on.

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