WATCH: When Will We Celebrate in 2021?

2020 is officially gone. And just like most days this past year, the last day of the year was just as different.

A few news headlines on New Year's Day morning tell the story:

'Small crowd in Times Square rings in New year with low-key celebration'.

'Pandemic downsizes New Year’s Eve celebrations'.

'New Year is greeted in muted fashion as leaders warn, COVID loves a crowd'.

Indeed, it does, and the virus also doesn’t may attention to a calendar.

With the clocks ticking down to the midnight hour on the last day of 2020 and as we all looked forward to the official arrival of 2021, the news last night was about the highest number of COVID-19 deaths reported by San Diego County in a single day with the number of Americans nationwide dying from the virus also setting a new record for the day, on the final day of the year.

As much as we’re all thankful that 2020 is over, there are fears that the first couple of months of 2021 may not be much better, with the number of cases and hospitalizations rising.

The new year does bring hope though with the vaccine shots at least starting for health care workers and nursing home residents.

But it’s become clear that getting more than 200 million doses into the arms of all those who want it is going to take a lot longer than we were told by leaders in Washington.

Yes 2020 is over and that’s good. And 2021 will be better. And when the pandemic is finally conquered, it will be a time for real celebrations.

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Cliff Notes January 1,  2021