How to Light Up Our Spirits as Pandemic Continues

Today is the last day of the twelve days of Christmas. While a lot people think the twelve days of Christmas end on Christmas, Dec 25th is actually the first day of the 12 days.

With the year that just ended, most of us probably have wanted Christmas to last longer.

And one part of Christmas is going to last longer, thanks to a campaign that began in late December on social media you may have heard about in the news.

A campaign to keep your outdoor Christmas lights up and on through the months of January to show support of health care workers and those on the frightful front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

As the head nursing at a large health care system put it, “It’s been a hard struggle for health care workers…a long pandemic and a lot of unknowns for them to deal with and…yet they have relentlessly and tirelessly stayed on the frontlines.”

Yes, the year 2020 may be over and the 12 days of Christmas may be ending but the pandemic is still with us and could be even worse here now in January.

After all the darkness of the last 10 months, keeping the outdoor holiday lights lit up through this first month of 2021 is not only a way to show support for health care workers but also a way to help boost all of our spirits at a time when we can really use it.

(Photo Getty Images : Holiday lights decorate Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena, California)

Cliff Notes January 5, 2021