The Political Storm Following the Storming of U.S. Capitol

The storming of the U.S. Capitol building has created an even bigger political storm.

Now there are calls by many Democrats in Congress and at least one Republican for the removal of President Trump from office now less than two weeks away before his four-year term comes to an end.

Several cabinet members and other top staff in the White House have resigned citing the riots inside the Capitol and the President’s speech to thousands of his supporters before the takeover of the Capitol began.

Most supporters of President Trump are condemning the violence and the tactics of those who smashed windows, broke down doors and invaded the senate and house chambers and offices.

And there are also the families and friends who are mourning the loss of loved ones, including the San Diego woman who was shot and killed and at least one police officer who died.

The scenes in video and photos of what happened inside the U.S. Capitol that day are being called disturbing, outrageous and sad.

And words like domestic terrorism and anarchy are being used to describe what happened.

And now there are all the questions and even more political debate over how it could have happened.

A well known retired U.S. military general is suggesting that the chief of the Capitol Police, who has resigned, and maybe others might have even been in on an effort to let protesters protest, not imagining that it would get out of control and turn into what it did.

You get the feeling this first week of 2021 in America may turn out to be the calm after the storm or the calm just before another storm.

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Cliff Notes January 8 2021