FBI Warning Prompts Unprecedented Presidential Inauguration Plan

The FBI’s warning of plans for armed protests in at all 50 state capitals got everyone’s attention.

It was an internal FBI bulletin that went out to all state and local law enforcement across the country urging them to be prepared for the potential of violent demonstrations as the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden draws near.

Around the U.S. Capitol where Americans stormed the building in what turned out to be an attack that left five people dead, barriers, fences and other security measures are already in place this week in an effort to make sure the inauguration ceremony is safe next week.

Thousands of police, National Guard, Secret Service, and FBI along with military aircraft and drones in the sky all will be there for the swearing in of the incoming President and Vice President in a ceremony that represents what has always been a symbol of the peaceful transition of power in the democracy our founders created more than 200 years ago

But now here in 2021, this ceremony, because of fears of violence, is going to look different. With the pandemic already having required a downsized plan with far fewer people attending, now there are suggestions that the historic event should be moved indoors to a place that would be easier to protect and keep safe.

A retired and respected military general says the whole inauguration ceremony should be moved inside the U.S. Capitol rotunda, saying it would be easier to protect than doing it outside on the steps of the Capitol building.

No matter where the inauguration ceremony is held, America and the whole world will be watching, and hoping.

(Photo Getty Images)

Cliff Notes 1-12-21