What It's Like for Those on Front Lines of Battle Against COVID-19

With all that’s going on in Washington, D.C. and all the talk about what could happen there during the next several days, and all the political fighting happening, it is important not to lose sight of what is happening in virtually every other city in the country.

That is the fight against the COVID virus being waged by doctors, nurses and other health care workers and, despite the vaccinations underway, it is a real battle for all these people on the front lines.

The news just this week makes it sound almost like a war zone at hospitals in California and almost every other state. The heads of hospitals here in San Diego saying they have never before seen what has been happening. The crush of COVID patients.

The county’s public health officer just yesterday saying there were only about three dozen fully staffed ICU beds available and we continue to hear reports of over-packed emergency rooms and ambulances having to wait for hours.

And there are all the reports about the strain on the physical, mental and emotional health of health care workers who have been working long hours and many days in a row for months.

And sadly, some health care workers have become infected and some have even died, along with the record number of Americans who have lost their lives to this virus.

Yes, the news in the nation’s capital captures our attention but we must not forget these front line heroes and do all we can to thank them and help them.

(Photo Getty Images)

Cliff Notes 1-13-21