The Numbers of the Coronavirus Pandemic

We hear or see the numbers every day. The numbers of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the county’s daily report posted online, they are there. You hear them on the radio. And you see them on TV.

As we approach the midway point of February, we are also approaching numbers most of us never expected to see a year ago when there were news stories about a new virus in China reaching the West Coast. The numbers show what this virus that first was confirmed in California and the state of Washington has done in San Diego County.

We are about to reach a quarter million confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the county. We are currently at 249,974.

And we are about the reach 3,000 deaths from the COVID-19 disease. The number of deaths reported in the county as of yesterday was 2,955.

And California as a whole has had more cases of the virus and more deaths from the virus than any other state, more than Texas, more than Florida and more than the state of New York.

And with the number of deaths nationwide now approaching 500 thousand in the next few weeks and the number of deaths globally close to two-and-a-half million, the pandemic of 2020 that is still here in 2021, is already one for the world's history books.

But the final chapter of those books is coming when the pandemic will be only history. And we are all hoping the number of months it will take to get there is few.


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Cliff Notes 2-12-21