WATCH: Why the Texas Power Crisis is Important to California

Here are some of the headlines this morning and they sound familiar.

'Rolling Power Cuts Coming to an End But Outages Continue; Grid was 'minutes' from failing; Readers share complaints about the failure of the grid'.

These headlines are from Texas newspapers this morning, but they sound like the headlines here in California not that long ago when extreme heat, instead of extreme cold hit our state.

Remember the rolling blackouts across many areas of California, hundreds of thousands of homes had their power shut off to protect the electric grid. At a time when it was dangerously hot for especially vulnerable seniors and others. Cool zones were identified where people could go to stay cool and safe. In Texas, this week, warming spots were set up there for people whose homes were without power and in many cases without water.

And similar to what happened during California’s power outages, there were worries in Texas about whether those needing electricity to run oxygen machines or other medical devices would be okay.

Investigations are now being called for in Texas as they were in California into the way the power grid was managed and allegations of not being prepared for extreme weather.

What has happened in Texas this week and what has happened in the recent past in California and with continued worries about climate change, the effort will undoubtedly now intensify to find answers.

For the millions of people in Texas, solutions can not come soon enough!

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Cliff Notes 2-18-21