Opening Up a Path to San Diego School Re-openings

We are approaching the one-year anniversary of the day that many of the things that were open suddenly were closed.

In less than 4 weeks, it will be one full year since the stay-at-home order and schools closed their doors. A few schools have reopened in recent months, but mostly private and mostly smaller schools.

For the largest school districts, like San Diego Unified and Sweetwater in the South Bay, the re-openings have not happened. Except for some of the special need students, classroom doors have remained shut and desks empty since that day in March of 2020 when kids walked out of their school for the last time.

And now with the new timeline by SD Unified as we’ve been reporting, being early to mid-April, when the schools do finally re-open it will have been more than a full year since most kids were last inside a classroom. The reopening is expected to be a phased-in hybrid one and while many parents want their kids back in school, there are many who don’t quite yet.

We’ve all seen and heard the reports about the negative impact that being out of school has had on kids educational, social and mental well-being. And that’s why we all want the old normal back and back soon. Beginning the return to school is at least the start of getting back to normal for our schools and our kids.

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