How to Not Let Arguing Stress You Out

There are some people who avoid conflict like the plague and there are others who almost seem to enjoy it. But a new study has something to offer both kinds of people.

There are plenty of studies that show how stress can affect not only our emotional and mental health but also our physical health. But now researchers at Oregon State University have done a study that focused on the effects that arguing has on our wellbeing,

Their study found that when people resolve their issues immediately, the emotional fallout from an argument is almost totally gone.

The researchers say the evidence shows that resolving the conflict immediately greatly improves emotional and mental health. Those in the study who resolved their issues quickly reported roughly half the negative impact than those who let the issues go on. The study found that those who resolved the issues of an argument had no negative stress effects by the following day.

And while they said that they discovered that people 68 and older were more likely than those 45 or younger to successfully resolve their conflicts, the emotional effect of resolving an argument was the same regardless of the person’s age.

With the divisive nature of politics that certainly can bring on stress, this new study offers some good advice…and there is no sense arguing about it.

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How to Not Let Arguing Stress You Out 3-29-21