The Hopeful Feeling This Easter Holiday Weekend

Easter weekend 2021. A year ago, it was right at the beginning of the stay-at-home orders and shutdowns.

It was the first holiday weekend of what would grow to every holiday weekend for more than a year becoming a time of caution and concern over the coronavirus. It was the first holiday weekend during the pandemic when families and friends could not get together in the normal way and when the term social distancing first entered our daily language and our daily lives and when Zoom began to become the way we at least saw each other even if we weren’t with each other.

And every holiday weekend since has been different with lots of mask wearing and hand washing going on. And going into every holiday weekend, there were warnings to avoid large gatherings and after every holiday weekend there were spikes in cases of the virus reported.

But now after all this time, all these many many months, this holiday weekend has a different feel than all the other ones we’ve gone through.

That’s because millions of us have gotten a shot or two in our arms. The number of people fully vaccinated is growing every week and California has reached close to 20 million doses given out and nationwide well over 100-million doses.

While it is still going to take several more months for all the vaccines to get into the arms of the majority of Americans who say they will get them, you might say that with the progress we are making, this Easter holiday weekend has resurrected new hope in all of us.

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

The Hopeful Feeling This Easter Weekend 4-2-21