Getting Shots to Put the Pandemic Behind Us

More than one million doses of the COVID vaccines have been shot into arms of San Diego County residents and we are approaching 25 -percent of all adults in the county now being fully vaccinated.

And now we are on the edge of moving down to the state’s less restrictive Orange COVID tier, which means more places can have more people in them, from restaurants to churches to ballparks. And we are just days away from reopening more schools with students returning to classrooms in San Diego Unified, the state’s second largest school district next week.

While some schools are not yet reopening and while there still be restrictions in the Orange tier, just fewer, it does feel good to wake up today to the improving numbers, including cases and test positivity way down from what they were when this year began. In 2020 at this time, the coronavirus numbers were soaring and the economy had shutdown and the talk of when the vaccines would be developed was just talk and a lot of guesses.

So, we are in a much better place here in April of 2021. But, and it’s still a sizable but, the pandemic has not ended and a huge majority of San Diego’s more than 3-million residents are not yet vaccinated and won’t be for several more weeks and or maybe a few months.

But with more vaccines and one for children getting closer, as one doctor told me just this week, it is now all about the vaccines and along with other health experts urge everyone to get vaccinated.

The virus is not gone and the pandemic won’t be over for a while yet. But as the shots keep going into arms and as we keep doing the things we have been doing…eventually it will be.

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It is All About the Vaccines 4-6-21