Counting Down the Numbers to the End of the Pandemic

There are now 21 days to go before the vast majority of the state’s COVID restrictions go away.

As of June 15th, no more worries about being in the purple, red, orange or yellow tier. And no more limits on the number of people at restaurants, stores or baseball parks. And no more restrictions on having to wear a mask if you are fully vaccinated except in just a few situations.

And more and more people are getting vaccinated, with more than 52-percent of San Diego County’s 12 and over population, or 1.46 million, now fully vaccinated with either two shots of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one shot of the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

The county’s goal is to have 75-percent fully vaccinated or 2-million, 200 thousand people 12 and over. Even statewide and nationwide now, the percentage of fully vaccinated people is also about half. And that means it could still take until mid or late summer before the numbers to reach herd immunity are met.

But with the number of new cases of the coronavirus virus in the county in a single day dropping ton its lowest since right after the beginning of the pandemic, only 25 on Monday, and fewer than one half of one percent of people testing positive for the virus, it is all proof of how well the vaccines are working.

And as more and more people become fully vaccinated, we will get to the end of this pandemic.

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