It's Time to Find Answers to Mass Shootings

The 15th mass killing in the U.S. with four or more victims, this year has everyone asking the same question that is asked after every one of these terrible incidents, what do we do and how do we stop these from happening?

The families of the nine people killed in San Jose are the latest who will demand and deserve answers to these questions. They are already hearing political leaders saying something needs to be done. And they will hear experts in criminal and mental health behavior saying what should be done. And they will hear gun control and gun rights advocates saying what they think should be done.

But based on what has happened following other mass shootings, even the worst ones, these families in San Jose and the many other families of the many other victims of mass shootings will not see much actually getting done about them.

And that may be the worst tragedy of all about these many tragedies that have put the U.S. in a separate category when it comes to these deadly and horrific acts by evil or sick or both kinds of people. Nothing changes. Nothing gets done.

It’s hard to imagine what it must be like for the families of these nine people who died in San Jose, waking up this morning. And like many other families like them, they all are asking that something be done by somebody so what has happened to their loved ones, won’t happen to others.

Finally getting something done about it should be something that brings all sides together to find solutions, instead of what usually happens…nothing.

Investigation into San Jose mass shooting.

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Cliff Notes on the News 5-27-21