California's Plan to Motivate to Vaccinate

The governor and California’s public health officials are hoping that 116.5 million dollars will be the shot in the arm that’s needed to get more people vaccinated against the COVID virus.

With 10 grand prizes of 1.5 million dollars each, and 30 prizes of 50 thousand dollars each and 2 million 50-dollar gift cards, they hope it will be enough to convince the hesitant, the procrastinating and even the non-believers to get the vaccine.

More than 17, million in the state have been fully vaccinated but that means at least close to that many still need to get vaccinated to provide enough immunity protection against this virus that has caused more than 61 thousand deaths in California to finally be behind us.

One year ago, heading into the summer of 2020, there was only hope that safe and effective vaccines would be developed in a short time. But they were…in historically record time. Then when they were ready early this year, there weren’t enough made yet and that meant long waits for appointments and long waits in line. Now, those long waits are gone and getting vaccinated is almost as easy as picking up a loaf of bread.

And while the chance to win lots of money will certainly motivate some to get the shot, the best motivator of all might be that being fully vaccinated, you will be able to ditch the mask and finally enjoy a big sigh of relief.

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Cliff Notes on the News 5-28-21