Californians Counting Down the Days to Almost Normal

The weeklong countdown has begun to the day the state’s color-coded tiers of COVID restrictions go away and California’s economy fully reopens.

On June 15th, next Tuesday, it will be almost 15 months to the day that Governor Newsom announced the stay-at-home order, the first in the nation at the time.

The good news today that California, the largest state in the U.S. is among only two states, the other being the tiny state of Vermont, now have the lowest level of transmission in the country, shows how very far we’ve come.

And the other good news today is that San Diego County public health officials are expected to get the word that it will be in the least restrictive Yellow tier effective tomorrow…as the final days toward that day a week from now when all the colored tiers will finally disappear.

By this time next week, there will be no capacity limits at restaurants or any other places of business. And we will be pretty close to back to normal.

For those who are not yet vaccinated, though, masks are expected to still be required for a while yet until enough people become vaccinated so that herd immunity is achieved and we won’t have to worry much at all about COVID. Getting a vaccination has become a whole lot easier than it was a few months ago, with vaccine shots available at most pharmacies and supermarkets as well as the vaccination sites and doctors’ offices.

The new normal as of next Tuesday may not exactly be like the old normal before the pandemic, but it sure will be a relief.

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