STUDY: What Smart Phones Do Not Do

Are smart phones making us dumber? Based on how some people use the language and misuse grammar and spelling, you may think so.

But the authors of a new study say there’s one thing that smart technology is not doing. It is not making us less intelligent. Researchers at the Universities of Cincinnati and Toronto say their study found that smart phones and other smart devices are actually helping us learn more and do more than we could before smart phones became part of our daily lives.

They say that because smart phones take care of a lot of time-consuming tasks such as getting or asking for directions and having to remember names and numbers and doing calculations that we used to have to do with pen and paper, the smart phones help to free up our brains to solve more complex problems.

While the researchers in this study admit that modern technology still has its drawbacks, “making us stupid is not one of them” as one of them puts it.

There are studies that show that spending too much time on smart phones and other smart devices, especially among pre-teens and teens can have a negative effect on their studies, communication and relationships.

So parents, be warned not to let your kids use this new study to try to convince you that spending all that time on their phones and tablets won’t make them dumber. They need to learn that you’re smarter than that.

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