How the Pandemic Can Help Us With the Drought

The monsoon weather arrived this month with hopes that it could bring some rain.

And because we don’t get much rain during July, any amount of rain is welcome because of the drought conditions in the state.

With less than three months till the end of the rainfall measuring year that began October 1st of 2020, San Diego is more than 5-inches short of what we normally would have at this time. And 5 inches is a lot when you only get an average of about 11 inches a whole year according to the National Weather Service.

The San Diego County Water Authority said recently that we have enough water supply to get through a drought, but the governor has asked all Californians to cut back on water use by 15 percent to help protect supplies statewide.

The experts say this drought could be one of the worst in the state with plans already underway to reduce water supplies to farmers in the Central Valley to preserve water for drinking and other needs especially fire protection.

Because with a drought comes an increased risk of wildfires and we’ve already seen a lot of them.And there will be more.

The pandemic that began a year and a half ago has made us stronger and shown us that everyone has to do their part in some way.And it looks like California’s drought could be shaping up into another situation in which we’re all in this together.

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