How to Make the Masks Come Off

Mask on. Mask off. Mask back on.

That’s apparently where we are now about a year and a half after the pandemic began. Masks were not needed as of last month for vaccinated people per the CDC and now they are recommended when indoors. Some companies, like Apple, have decided to make everyone wear masks in their stores. Will other stores and restaurants do the same?

Schools in California are requiring masks be worn by all kids and staff, easier to understand with there being no vaccine yet for kids under 12.

But let’s face it, the masks wouldn’t need to be back on the faces of vaccinated people…if more people were fully vaccinated.

The latest report says just over half of those 12 and over in California are fully vaccinated. San Diego County’s is doing much better with 70 percent fully vaccinated. Even as far more contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus rages, the current vaccines are very effective against it…when it comes to preventing serious illness…even if you are one of the few who get a so-called breakthrough infection.

But without a mask, you could infect someone who is unvaccinated. You might say so that’s their problem. If the unvaccinated don’t get vaccinated and they get sick, it’s their problem.

Actually, it is a problem for all of us. The health care system is already showing signs of being overwhelmed and the economy and the supply of products will remain problems until more people get vaccinated. Only then will the masks come off. And life, as we used to know it, can go on.

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