Making American Dream Come True for More Californians

You may have not heard about it but it could make a big difference in making homes more affordable to more Californians.

It’s a bill that that was passed by the state Legislature this week that would end single family only zoning. Right now, two thirds of all residences in the state are single family homes and most of the land that can be developed is zoned only for single family homes. The bill would change things in a way aimed at making homes more affordable.

The L-A Times reports that with few exceptions, every residential community in California would have to allow a minimum of two homes, or duplexes, on a lot…and in some cases as many as four homes.

And that’s a big change. But with the average price of homes statewide now more than 800-thousand dollars and with predictions that the average price will be close to one-million dollars in a year or so, something has to change.

A lot of Californians are leaving for other states because of the price of homes and that’s not good for our economy. Duplexes have been popular in the Midwest and other areas of the country for a long time. And if this bill is signed by the Governor, that will probably happen here too.

Home ownership has been an American dream for decades, but here in California, in recent years, it has started to look more like a nightmare.

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