What We Know About the Recall Election Coming Up in Days

One week to go before the recall election that will determine if there will be a change on the name plate on the door of the California governor’s office.

Will Gavin Newsom beat the recall or will the recall beat him? We will all find out after the votes are counted one week from tonight, September 14th.

But before that night comes, we all should vote, no matter what you think of Governor Newsom and the candidates running to replace him if a majority of voters decide to replace him. All elections are important but recall elections may be even more important because it’s about whether an elected public official should be removed before the next regularly scheduled election.

California has made it pretty easy to vote in this election with mail ballots sent to every registered voter. And the latest numbers show that more than 5-million Californians already have cast their ballots by mail with free postage or by dropping it off with election officials. The polls are split, with the latest showing Newsom with a sizable edge. But earlier polls showed Newsom slightly behind with other polls having shown it neck and neck.

The mail ballots will keep coming in through election today and then all of the ballots, those cast by mail or at a voting place, will be counted. And then we all will know what happens and what it means…as we then get ready for the scheduled election in early November of next year.

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