How President is Fighting the War Against the Pandemic

President Biden's big speech on COVID-19 comes at a time when the virus that first emerged in late 2019, is still a big problem with increases in cases, hospitalizations and deaths on a nationwide basis

The White House says the President has said he will pull every lever to get the pandemic under control. As an official in the administration put it, he will lay out a six-pronged strategy that will help us do just that, working across the public and private sectors.

The challenge right now for the President and his coronavirus team is how to get more Americans vaccinated. He and public and health officials now refer to it as a pandemic among the unvaccinated. While there is a small percentage of infections that are showing up among people who are vaccinated, almost all of the hospitalizations and deaths are among those who have not had the shots.

With a sizable number of Americans who are vaccine hesitant or resistant and with no vaccine yet for kids under 12 and with it looking like booster shots may be needed in the next few months, getting control of the continuing pandemic is not going to be an easy task.

Some reports say President Biden will say today he wants the country to raise the fight against COVD-19 to war time status. Some hospitals around the country have recently likened the current increase in cases they are seeing to a war time. The question is going to be what weapons the Biden administration can use to win the war at a time when there are battles going on how to fight it.

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