How Vaccine Mandates Are Affecting Health Care

It is looking as if the battle over vaccination mandates could be an unhealthy one.

The news that dozens of staff members at a hospital in New York have quit their jobs after they refused to get vaccinated could be a sign of what’s ahead.

Here in San Diego, the Union Tribune reported that a small but a higher number than you might expect of health care workers with the major health care and hospital firms have expressed opposition to getting vaccinated. Maybe the news of that nurse here in Southern California and her husband both unvaccinated and both dying of COVID will change some minds.

Some health care workers have already been quitting because they are burned out after helping sick and dying COVID patients every day for the last year and a half.

And now if some are quitting because they don’t want to get the vaccine, that could disrupt and delay health care even more. And there will be people who won’t seek medical care and won’t agree to go into a hospital if not everyone is vaccinated.

Most health care workers have and are getting vaccinated, especially after seeing almost every hospitalization and almost every death in these last couple of months among only unvaccinated patients.

What’s happening may be what’s being called a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but when the availability of getting health care is involved, what’s happening affects all of us.

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