Shedding Light on Congress and Government Shutdowns

So we have avoided another government shutdown, for now.

At least until the beginning of December when the timer attached to the bill the two sides in Congress agreed to prevent a shutdown runs out. This time once again, happening at the very last minute as both parties in Congress stubbornly squabbled during the final hours to avoid it.

Of course, there have been these federal government shutdowns in the past, one of the most recent ones during the Trump administration that lasted for weeks. Federal employees going without pay for a while and some government facilities closing for a while.

Fortunately, that has not happened this time. But when the clock runs out on the bill signed last night by President Biden on December 3rd, the threat of another government shutdown could become a reality. And that would mean just before the holidays.

A government shutdown may not mean the whole government shuts down but thousands of federal workers and contractors are affected and payments that millions of Americans can be delayed.

And every time there is talk about a government shutdown, a lot of Americans ask why members of Congress can’t get things done as they bicker and battle with each other and citizens get frustrated and hurt.

What’s the answer? A guy who’s been doing some maintenance work in our radio building this week replacing light bulbs shed some light on the problem when he heard the government shutdown had been averted: His answer? Term limits. Kind of like changing out light bulbs!

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