The Usual About the Unusual Thunderstorms in San Diego

How about that thunderstorm. It felt like we were in the Midwest or Texas or somewhere else in the country where they are used to thunderstorms like we had yesterday and last night.

Lots of thunder, with streaks of lightning and strikes of lightning, some causing a house fire in Fallbrook and a grove of palm trees on Mt. Helix to burst into flames near some homes and cause some scary moments for people who live there.

Some of those events were caught on social media, which was filled with videos, photos and even audio recordings of the sights and sounds of a pretty unusual weather event for the San Diego area.

This storm was the third storm with the rare thunder and lightning we’ve had in recent weeks. And all of this is really unusual…storms like this hitting not only the mountains, but also the inland valleys and even the coast.

What is not unusual is the usual thing that happens when we do have these rare thunderstorms in San Diego. We talk about how we love this weather and how we miss the thunderstorms we grew up with back where we once lived before we moved here. Or we talk about how we dislike this weather and it’s one of the reasons we moved away from where we were before to California.

With so many differences of opinions these days about lots of things, guess there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be disagreements about the weather, but then there already are. Think climate change.

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

SEE BELOW: Palm trees catch fire from lightning strike. No one was hurt.

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