Why Faith & Blue Weekend Brought Cops and Churches Together

You may not have heard about it, because it was only the second time it has happened.

This past weekend was “Faith and Blue Weekend”, a nationwide effort that began one year ago to bring together people of faith and people in law enforcement.

Over the last three days, here in San Diego and elsewhere around the country, many places of faith and many police officers got together.

One of the local events was held at Our Lady of Angels school and church in the Sherman Heights neighborhood, where police officers were invited to meet with elementary age students, attend a mass together, and talk to kids and teachers about what they do to serve and protect them and to just get to know them.

The director of the school said she wanted to help the kids not fear police and even hoped that may one day some of her kids would want to become police officers in their community.

The first Faith and Blue weekend was held in October of 2020 and was organized as a response to all the protests against police following the death of George Floyd.

According to their website, the nationwide Faith & Blue Weekend is based on the premise that law enforcement and faith institutions are key pillars of communities and when they work together, neighborhoods thrive and become safer and better. Sounds like something good for every community in America.

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(Photo Our Lady of Angels, San Diego)

PHOTO CREDIT  Faith & Blue campaign

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