The Tragedy in Santee Serves as Reminder

It was something that came out of nowhere as that small plane suddenly fell from the sky over Santee, crashing and exploding into homes.

With the pilot and a UPS driver killed and two residents of one of the homes damaged injured, it was a tragedy. And it will take time for that neighborhood and the people involved in it to recover.

A Santee fire official called it a brutal scene, but he also said it could have been even worse. And it could have been. He specifically commended the neighbors for what they did to help rescue a couple in their 70’s from their home and checking other homes damaged to make sure everyone was out safely. The fire officla talking about how people in Santee help others in need.

And at nearby Santana High School, which saw tragedy two decades ago when a shooter was on campus, students and staff were thankful, as were lots of parents, that the plane did not crash onto the school or surrounding grounds as it fell from the sky during lunch hour, which could have meant a much greater loss of life.

And of course, whenever something like this happens, suddenly and unexpectedly, we all are confronted by the fragile nature of life sometimes. And thankful for every day.

Photo reporting partner 10News)

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