Why There is More Aggressive and Mean Behavior

There is a lot of talk about the political divide and politicians becoming more aggressive in their tone and demeaner in recent years.

But politicians aren’t the only ones who have become meaner and more aggressive. From the personal attacks and insulting things said at meetings of local government bodies to the bullying that seems to have increased by kids and adults on social media to the fights over masks we see in stores, there seems to be a lot more aggressive behavior everywhere.

A recent study predicts that we will see more aggression and even violence because of what it says is an increased focus on image and narcissism which comes up a lot when referring to demanding, self-centered people.

Researchers from The Ohio State University say they found that all forms of aggression measured in their studies involved narcissism. That included physical, verbal, direct or indirect bullying, as well as violence toward innocent targets.

The term narcissism of course comes from the Narcissus of Greek mythology who became obsessed by his own reflection in a pool of water. For a typical narcissist, it’s always about them.

This new study would suggest that the way out of the political and cultural divide and less aggressive and meaner behavior by individuals is to follow the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated.


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