What is the Same and Different About Veterans Day and Memorial Day

It’s Veterans Day, a day on which we thank those who have and are serving in the military.

Veterans Day sometimes is confused with Memorial Day. While similar, they are different. We display the American flag on both days and the focus on both days is honoring those who have served in the military, but they are different.

Veterans Day was created after World War I and is on November 11th the day that war officially ended in 1918. A year later, President Woodrow Wilson celebrated what was originally known as Armistice Day for the first time. In 1954, the holiday's name was changed to Veterans Day, to honor the veterans of all wars.

Memorial Day is a day on which we specifically honor and remember those who have died in military service. It was originally called Decoration Day and was created to honor both Union and Confederate soldiers, who fought in the horrific Civil War. Graves would be decorated to mark the day. The day was later expanded to include those who have died in all U.S. wars and the name changed to Memorial Day.

Both Veterans Day in November and Memorial Day in May are both important days and not just days to enjoy a day off from work or school. Especially in San Diego where we have many thousands of military veterans as well as too many families through the years who have lost loved ones in military service.

So today we salute and thank all those who choose to serve their country to help protect us and keep us free.


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