Why November in San Diego is the Best

It is splashed across the front of the San Diego Union Tribune.

“Patriotic Parade”, a huge photo of the Fleet Week Veterans Day boat parade on San Diego Bay, the USS Midway Museum with people on the flight deck, and private boats in the water below, with American flags displayed. And behind it all, the clear blue skies and the shimmering surface of the water sparking under the San Diego sunshine.

A picture-perfect day on a patriotic day that honored our veterans in a city and region that has more military bases than anywhere else in the country.

And with the parade seen live by thousands around San Diego Bay and more, including some from a long away from San Diego, watching the live video stream of the boat parade, it was probably a reminder or a new awareness of just how nice a place San Diego is in November.

Many who have lived here a long time like to say that November is the best month of the year, not too hot, like summer can be, and not too chilly like December can be.

The afternoon skies are mostly clear, the big crowds of summer tourists at the beach are gone and most of the strong Santa Ana’s are usually behind us, despite the moderate one we have now.

And in November, there are plenty of the signs of the holidays nearing.

That’s why the new survey about San Diego being the most fun place to live than any other U.S. city, making news in November, is so perfect in its timing.

And why, despite the price of housing and gas, it’s still great to live in San Diego.

(Photo: San Diego Fleet Week)

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