Hoping for Good News About COVID During Holidays

The news about the planned strike by health care workers at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego and up and down the state being called off over the weekend was good news.

Strikes always cause at least temporary harm to workers, employers and customers, but right now, the idea of health care workers not working is the last thing we need. So the news about the strike was welcome news.

There are already growing cases and growing concerns about a possible spike in cases of COVID -19 during the upcoming holidays. And that would mean more people needing care and more people in the hospital.

Even with the vaccines now here going into this holiday season, unlike a year ago when they were not yet available, there are still a lot of people here in San Diego and statewide who are not vaccinated and do not have post-COVID natural immunity.

Younger kids have started to get vaccinated and middle age and older age folks are getting booster shots, but overall, there still exists a too-large percentage of unvaccinated folks for doctors and health experts to believe the number of new cases will fall significantly.

But as we approach the holiday later this month when we give thanks and the holiday next month when we give gifts, we may see more people become thankful for vaccines that are saving lives and decide to get the gift of a vaccination for themselves, so we all can finally celebrate the end of this long pandemic.

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