San Diego Has Beaches and Brains

We all know how great the weather is in San Diego and we all know about the beaches, the mountains, the scenery, the Zoo and SeaWorld all the other great attractions.

And we all know how important the military and the cross border economy are to San Diego. But now we also know that San Diego is a research powerhouse.

That’s the headline on the story in the San Diego Union Tribune said about the news from a British science data company whose rankings are considered the who’s who in science.

San Diego has the ninth largest number of highly cited researchers in the world and may soon pass U-C Berkeley and MIT.

According to the Union Tribune report, U-C San Diego has close to 60 top scientists and there are more than 30 other top science researchers at places like the Salk Institute, Scripps Research, Rady Children’s Hospital as well as other research hubs.

San Diego has been a place known for some time as a place for a growing bio-tech and science industry. But this new ranking lets the whole world know that San Diego is about even more than all the things we’re already known for. And it puts us way up there when it comes to all the brain power we have in the place we call home.

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Salk Institute San Diego

Photo: 10News

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