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What Labor Battle in Baseball Could Mean

If you’re a Major League Baseball fan, you have to be ticked off today.

The contract between the owners and the baseball players union has run out, and it looks like there is a real threat now of at least a delay in the start of the season in 2022 and the possibility of cancelled games. The owners have begun a lockout, ostensibly to force the players to come to an agreement.

It is the first work stoppage in baseball since the since the 1994 strike that canceled the World Series. Really? If you’re not a baseball fan, you’re probably don’t care. If you are a baseball fan, you’re probably booing what is happening.

A small group of rich business owners and maybe a thousand players, all of whom get a pretty good paycheck for playing a game they love, are arguing over money and about more money.

Some have called it a battle between the rich and the richer and the loser in this fight are the fans. Baseball fans already have to pay a good amount of money to attend MLB games. And whatever comes out of this showdown between owners and players, in the end, it will likely mean fans will have to pay more.

With the memories of last year still fresh when the season was shortened by COVID and players played in front of empty stadiums, maybe baseball owners and players think about that before seeing the same thing happen again in 2022.

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