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Back to School But Not Back to Normal

The holidays are over and it’s back to school now...kind of.

The surge in the number of new cases of COVID due to the more contagious Omicron strain, has made the return to school a little different than had been hoped.

San Diego Unified that says that for the next month, they have authorized principals to use other certified staff to supervise students when teachers and substitutes are unavailable and that a COVID impact day may be declared at some schools.

A report from ABC News says many school districts around the country are confronting classrooms where as many as half of the students are absent because of having COVID or being exposed to it or their parents not wanting them to be in school right now. And a teacher in Kansas who was the 2020 National Teacher of the Year, says “it’s really taking a toll on the learning.”

The situation clearly is hard for everyone, including school leaders, teachers, parents, and of course most of all, students.

Most everyone is trying to do what they think is best for kids; keep them in school, keep them on distance learning or do home schooling for now.

And while Omicron is not as severe, it is still a threat to those more vulnerable and a threat to hospitals that are overcrowded.

The heath experts say the surge should peak within just a few weeks. Then maybe we can go from just going back to school to going back to normal.

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