Why Mother's Day is Even More Special This Year

This weekend brings us the first Mother’s Day in two years without pandemic restrictions.

The ones that prevented a lot of mothers from seeing their family, not getting together and if they did, everyone masking up.

For some older mothers, it meant being isolated in their homes or in senior living places or care centers.

For some young mothers it meant giving birth in hospitals alone without other family members being able to welcome the newborn baby into the world.

And for most mothers with school-age kids, it meant helping them with learning remotely online, or home schooling them.

And for probably all mothers, going through the pandemic has given them an even greater appreciation for family and even a greater gratefulness to be a mom.

And being a mom is not an easy job. Just ask any mom. But it is the most important job. From diapers to discipline and being a nurse and a nurturer, a mom’s job is never-ending, no matter how old their kids get. They’re always a mom.

So as we celebrate Mother’s Day here in 2022, let’s all give our moms some extra special love and embraces this year, and maybe take some special time to tell them why you think they’re so special.

After two years, of social distancing, they can use it. And they will appreciate it.

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