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What Will Drive More Voters to Vote

The stock market has been more down than up in recent days. Gas prices have been down slightly, by a cent or so, every so often, but the prices at the pump have mostly been up and will probably rise more with the impacts from the war.

Food prices are up. New and used car prices are up. And the price of homes and the cost of rent are both up. So it is with the primary elections now here, next month in California, and with the mid-term elections in November just five months away.

So as President Biden prepares to speak to the nation today about inflation and what his administration can and will do about it, everyone is hoping prices do start coming down or at least start slowing down.

While pocketbook issues have always been key when it comes to voters’ choices in elections, and while the old saying about it always being about the economy is true, that appears to be especially true this election year.

But also in the mix now are two issues the political pundits didn’t see coming two years ago, a new war in eastern Europe and a new battle over abortion. This 2022 election year is clearly a big one for both political parties and a big one for voters on both sides.

And that should mean more interest and a higher turnout in this year’s elections. That would be a good thing. Voters who don’t vote don’t have a voice. And all politicians from all sides need to hear all those voices.

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