What a Top CEO Says About the New Work Office

Is the office as we know it going to become a thing of the past?

The CEO of Airbnb thinks it is. In an interview with Time, Brian Chesky says the office as we know it, is over. He says the at-work office is from a pre-digital age.

And he may be right. Soon after Airbnb told their employees that they would be able to work from anywhere and were getting rid of location-based pay, they saw a big increase in people applying for jobs with them.

The CEO asks why somebody whose job is on a laptop needs a work office. He sees the more typical office in 10 years as more mobile, more flexible, where employees get together once a month. 

And some businesses have learned going thru the pandemic, that they can save costs by not having to have big offices.

The last two years is not only changing the way we look at the work office, but how we look at work itself. We’ve all seen the reports of millions of Americas quitting their jobs for different jobs or starting new careers. And more new homes now are being built with the work-at-home office in mind.

When it comes to the office, it does sound like, as Bob Dylan sang, ‘The times they are a changin’.

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