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How to Fuel Up for Your Summer Vacation

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer season, is just 10 days away.

School districts are already starting to end classes for the summer and by early June they all will. And many families have been making plans for a while now as the pandemic eases…to get the car packed up for their first summer vacation with the kids since the virus began.

But now, with the sun soon rising on the summer travel season, it’s not looking quite as bright because of the gas prices that are rising...and rising.

The average price of gas in San Diego and California is now at six bucks a gallon or higher….and according to the reports you’ve been hearing in the news...heading even higher. And even the nationwide average looks like it could be hitting 5-dollars a gallon soon.

You’re already hearing people saying their road trip to see Yosemite or Yellowstone…or see mom and dad or grandma and grandpa a thousand miles away or more, may be on hold.

Filing up your tank is now costing close to 100 dollars and often more depending on the size of your car, SUV or truck.

Yet with the pandemic having locked us down and shutdown tourist attractions over the last couple of years, everyone is ready and anxious to travel.

It just may mean that in order to save enough money to afford the gas, the road trips will be much shorter and fast food and packed lunches will be more popular. But with what we’ve all been through, we can really use a summer vacation.

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