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No Starbucks and No Free Press in Russia

Any American, who over the last 20 years, visited Russia and toured cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, saw cities that had a lot of American culture from restaurant chains to retail outlets.

Obviously, things have changed since the Russian invasion and the war in Ukraine began with lots of U.S. companies ending doing business there.

And now Starbucks has announced they’re closing all of their 130 stores and leaving Russia for good and last week McDonalds announced they’re getting rid of their 800-plus restaurants, because of the war and the actions of Vladimir Putin and his terrorist army.

This news from Starbucks and McDonalds may be the only accurate news the people in Russia have heard in months, with the only media now shut down or controlled by the Russian government.

The Russian people are now only getting the news the government puts out.

An American journalist who is a Russian Media Monitor on Twitter, posted this latest example…from Russian state TV “who were falsely claiming that Ukrainians are just Russians who need to be reminded that the Ukrainian language, history and religion are "made up," that Russian troops in Ukraine are fighting for "their land" and Russia is planning to never leave”.

This kind of control of the free press in Russia should scare us here in the U.S. and make us thankful for what we have and be determined to keep it.

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