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How to End the American Tragedy of Mass Shootings

It was the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S in ten years, the second worst mass shooting at a school next to the Sandy Hook elementary slaughter in Connecticut in 2012.

It also was the 212th mass shooting in America in 2022, the 27th mass shooting at a school, and we’re not even half through the year.

The murders in Texas at a school filled with elementary age kids in a small town described as a safe and friendly community have once again raised the questions that are asked after every terrible tragedy like this.

Is the problem guns?  Is the problem mental illness?  Is it “an anti-social, anti-human disease that has gripped our society and our politics” as one commentator put it?  And why is that mass shootings don’t happen anywhere near as much in other countries around the world?  And have we allowed violence to become normalized in our country?

Like many of us, the President invoked the name of God in an emotional speech to the nation as he asked for prayers for the families of the victims. And asking that God bless us on this sad day in America.

It is indeed a sad and painful day today. The latest of way too many days like this.

Maybe this time, finally this time, despite the extreme political divisions among us, we can come together to do something about it.  We all need to hope and pray that we can.  Because it appears to be the only way that this American tragedy will ever end.

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