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What Parents Want to Know After the Texas School Shooting

Many parents have probably been asking themselves the same question this week after the tragedy at the Texas elementary school where 19 children died along with two of the kids’ teachers.

It was the same question that many parents have asked over the last two years during the pandemic.

The question: Is it safe to send my son or daughter to school?

Parents of one of the kids killed in Uvalde Texas was telling reporters this week their story about how their child who didn’t want to go to school, like a lot of kids will sometimes say, but the child did. And was among the victims.

During the surges of COVID, some parents kept their kids home from school, even after classrooms re-opened, because they were worried about their kid’s health and worried that they could bring home the virus and infect older and more vulnerable members of the family.

Parents always worry about their kids.  But with this latest tragedy at the Texas school in a small town where no one would ever have expected that an act of evil would come to their tight-knit community, more parents are probably more worried.

Schools conduct drills and schools are more secure.  But what parents want to know that school and law enforcement officials are doing everything they can to prevent tragedies like this.

And parents also want to know that leaders in all levels of government will do all they can to do what needs to be done…so that they won’t worry quite as much.

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