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What Will Summer Bring in San Diego This Year

It’s officially summer.  While we here in San Diego have a lot of summer-like weather at various times of the year, there is a different vibe in San Diego once it the official summer season begins.

But there are some questions about the kind of summer it will be in San Diego this year.

With the lack of rain and drought conditions, there is some concern that this summer could bring more brush fires than usual. But the few small fires that have broken out lately and quickly contained, could be a sign that with the way firefighters fight these fires now, we won’t.

The summer vibes in San Diego also usually are about big events going on and more tourists, and with Comic Con back after the pandemic, there are hopes our tourism economy will bounce back this summer. But then with the sky rocketing prices for gas and airline tickets, there are some worries that this summer may not draw as many tourists as hoped.

And while there is a third surge in new COVID infections as we begin the summer season, health officials say the cases are milder.

So there is hope this summer will be a good one, especially if the Padres can do what they have never done and bring a championship to the city.

Now that would make this summer in San Diego a huge winner.

(Photo Cliff Albert)

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