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How a Downtown Street Address Stained San Diego

It’s a complicated story but it is an important one.

Because the story involves questionable decisions by local government leaders and local real estate developers. And it affects local taxpayers.

It is the story known simply as 101 Ash St. But it has been anything from simple when it comes to fixing what went wrong.

The San Diego City Council’s split decision to approve Mayor Todd Gloria’s plan to settle the city’s lawsuits over the asbestos-filled office tower at 101 Ash Street and the nearby and badly deteriorating Civic Center Plaza, is the latest chapter of the story.

It is a story that involves what has been called one of the worst real estate deals in the city’s history.

But despite the council vote this week, it’s far from over. There are other lawsuits as well as an investigation now by the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. There will be more stories about all of this in the coming weeks, months and maybe even years.

Will the deal approved by the council turn out to be a good one? No one knows for sure. But the story of 101 Ash Street is not likely to disappear from the map of history about San Diego.

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