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Why Changing Weather Means the Same for Californians

The first of August and even with some schools resuming classes later this month, we still have plenty of summer weather in San Diego.

The months of August and September usually are the hottest months. And with the month of July having been a cooler than usual month, the warmer temperatures expected over the next two months could feel even warmer.

But weather is not as predictable as it used to be. More extremes are being seen from San Diego to Seattle and from California to New York. Even our weather right now is different, with almost tropical weather, meaning lots of humidity, is a change from what we are used to.

But then across the country the weather is different, with the extreme and prolonged 1o0 degree heat across much of the Southwest, to the record highs in the Northwest and even more of the very warm and very humid weather in the Midwest and East than usual.

Here in California, summertime weather can happen almost any time of the year and of course it always affects the number and size of the wildfires in the state, the largest one so far now burning in Northern California not far from Oregon.

And all of us who live in California know that helping to prevent fires and knowing what to do if one breaks out are things that we all learn and are really important.

The weather may change from time to time, but that won’t. So we all need to keep it mind and while we’re at it, it’s a good time to tell a firefighter how thankful we are for them.

(Photo c.e. albert)

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