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What to Do About One of San Diego's Biggest Problems

What to do about one of the biggest problems, which is homelessness. It’s a big question.

The news stories just over the last week reflect some of the symptoms of this big problem for our community.

A new homeless shelter opens in the Midway District with some critics saying it’s not enough.

City leaders in El Cajon accuse the County of placing an unfair number of homeless people from other cities into hotel rooms in their city. The mayor of El Cajon asking, “How many of these people are being housed in Del Mar, Solana Beach or Escondido? My guess is zero.”

Then there are the emails published by the San Diego Union Tribune about being harassed by homeless people and the sidewalks downtown littered with tents and garbage.

And the Downtown San Diego Partnership recently reporting a significant increase in the number of people who are homeless.

The other big question about the homeless problem is, “Why hasn’t more been done about it?”

Despite new state and local programs to help those with mental health and addictions get off the street and into shelters or hotel rooms, there are many in San Diego who say the homeless problem has never been a bigger problem.

Guess we just have to hoping that we can find solutions.

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