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A Rise in Unhappiness and What a New Book Says to Do About It

We all know what a blind spot is. A new book is out that explains the impact of blind spots on our happiness.

Dictionary definitions say a blind spot is something a person can’t see because their view is obstructed. Or something a person doesn’t see coming because of a lack of understanding or impartiality.

It can also mean something we don’t know or can’t know but that we should know were it not for the blind spot in our thinking.

That’s kind of what is behind a new book written by the CEO of Gallup, the folks who do the polls. The title of his book is “Blind Spot. The Global Rise of Unhappiness and How Leaders Missed It.”

Gallup CEO Jon Clifton told Axios his book is about improving people’s lives through more and better information.

He dismisses the idea that the pandemic was the cause of more unhappiness in the world, saying there has been a steady rise in unhappiness for a decade. He says his hope is that the book will get more people to pay attention to the increase in stress, sadness, worry and anger and presumably what to do about it.

And he suggests that among business leaders and government leaders, there are blind spots that make it hard for them to see what really makes people happier, and instead the focus is too often only on making money. In short, the Gallup CEO says a great life is “more than just money.”

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