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STUDY: What You Can Do to Have a Happier Life

We all are taught by our parents to always say thank you.  Yet a new study suggests that the lesson learned as a child didn’t carry into adulthood for everyone.

A survey of 2,000 Americans found that while nearly 70 percent say they agree that it is rude NOT to thank someone for doing something kind for you, that means about 30-percent do NOT think it’s rude to not say thank you. Guess they didn’t learn that lesson from their parents very well.

And a side note, the survey found that people who live on the West Coast, California, Oregon and the state of Washington say thank you the least while people in the Southwest say thanks the most.

This study suggests that those who don’t say thank you very much might want to step it up if they want to have a happier life.

The survey of a couple thousand Americans found that 65 percent of respondents who say they’re “very happy” on a daily basis are also more likely to “always” give thanks.  And among the respondents who said they regularly make sure to express gratitude in their everyday lives, two thirds said they feel “very satisfied” with their lives. 

Sounds like the secret to being more content in life is saying thank you more. And if your parents taught that lesson to you well, you might want to show them this study and tell them…thanks.

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